Breakfast Fame and Notoriety

Hello again Wonder Cafe Fans,

We wanted to highlight another entry in our book of fame, (and notoriety) for our Wonder Cafe Breakfast Challenge. The numbers of those who have completed the mammoth plate are still stuck at 2, but the number of attempts racks up daily!

In February, Becky Barnes a blogger for BT popped in to attempt the challenge. Find out how she got on: Wonder Cafe: BT Home

In May we were the subject of a lovely article in the London Publication, the Thrillist. They wrote some lovely things about us but we particularly liked being described as a “Charming, old school caff…”. Read the full article:  Wonder Cafe: Thrillist

We’ll keep you in the loop about any more media attention, but don’t worry, we wont let our 15 minutes of fame change us. We will always be your local “Charming, old school caff…”.

Becky Barnes attempting the Wonder Cafe Challenge.
Becky Barnes attempting the Wonder Cafe Challenge.