The Daily Mail, the Metro and the Wonder Cafe Challenge

Following our five mintes of fame on This Morning, we have exploded into the written press this week with articles in both the Daily Mail and the Metro. Both covered the extraordinary moment when Emma Dalton beat the Wonder Cafe Challenge live on This Morning. The Daily Mail noted that “she became the first person to beat the Uxbridge cafe’s breakfast dish challenge – a renowned competition that is considered to be one of the world’s largest fried breakfasts.” The metro led with the headline ” The ‘Human Hoover’ polishes off breakfast challenge live on This Morning”. We have also have an unconfirmed report that we were also mentioned on Heart Fm. Do let us know if you heard it!

We are a traditional cafe with many customers who have been visiting us for over 30 years, and we love that people always come back. But as we age, so do our customers, and young people dont visit traditional cafes in the same way that the generation before them did. Whilst keeping our homecooked cafe character, we have spent the past few years trying to attract some of our younger locals, which has included introducing our 100% aberdeen burgers, a range of different drinks, some additional healthy options and an offer whereby if you check in on facebook whilst you are in the Cafe, you get a free canned drink with your meal.

However, another idea we had was the Wonder Cafe Challenge and the Wonder Burger Challenge. We had seen the Man vs Food phenomenon in the USA, and we felt that some of our younger customers might be game for a meal of this proportion. We were right and social media went crazy for it, racking up over 20,000 hits in 3 days. We did not imagine, however, that our idea, in a little cafe on the outskirts of West London would generate interest in National Press and on National Television.

We are amazed, delighted and humbled that we have become so well known but at heart we are still the local cafe, with tasty homecooked food and a smile and a chat for all our regular customers.

Please read national articles in the Daily Mail and the Metro or visit our menu page and decide what you fancy for lunch.

Emma Dalton Wonder Cafe Challenge