New Year, New Offers

Happy New Year!

Now, we know that it’s really tricky to keep to your New Year’s resolution, whatever you have decided on, and it’s even harder to have to change your habits to make it work. So this year, to help you along, we have a new healthier meal and two new money saving offers!

First, when you buy a meal with us, any meal of at least a value of £5, you can get a free canned drink· All you need to do is check in on Facebook on your mobile or tablet device, using our free wifi, and show it to the member of staff on the till. You’ll get a free canned drink, including coke, diet coke, coke zero, fanta, cherry coke, lilt, sprite and many others . Please see our Facebook page for more details and to claim the offer, or simply come in and ask us!

Secondly, we have introduced a new healthy meal for anyone who is watching their calorie intake following a heavy Christmas. With 2 slices of grilled ham, a double portion of scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes, you can avoid carbs, calories and go paleo. You can also add extras if you are feeling really hungry. Our new item will only set you back £5.10 which is a bargain for sticking to your goals. Perhaps you could even have a fruit juice or a herbal tea to really go for it!

Finally, we will be continuing our offer of a £5 lunch special everyday. The offer includes a cup of tea and regularly has pies, roasts, chilli and all the other options on our usual lunch menu. It means you can guarantee to only spend £5 with us, if you so wish.

We hope that these new options show how much you mean to us. If you have any ideas for additional meals, or anything you think we should be offering that we don’t currently, do get in touch at


The Wonder Cafe