OFFER: Free Breakfast Item with every weekday meal over £5!


Hello Wonder Cafe fans!

It’s been a while since we let you know what we are up to so we thought it was high time we said hello and sent a brand new offer your way!

You will have noticed that way back in January we reorganised and beautified our counter area, with some brand new fridges and lighting. We hope this means that you can see us a bit better, and more importantly, see what is being cooked up for you as well as what’s in the fridges, for your eating and drinking pleasure.

We also introduced some hard copy menus that you can peruse at your leisure. Although we love our traditional pictures and boards at the front of the cafe, we know that some of our newer customers can sometimes be bamboozled by the huge amount of information, and if you aren’t a regular and don’t have a favourite dish, this can be confusing!

Finally, we gave our toilets a lick of paint and put some brand new flooring in, which we think matches our booths and updated style.

We’d love your feedback on the changes we have made, and anything we could do to better serve you. Drop us a line at to let us know what you think, or just to say hello!

And so, our wonderful new offer! For every meal over £5 you purchase on a weekday, you can pick a FREE breakfast item to add to your plate. The options include: Bacon, sausage, egg, hash brown, beans, fresh or tinned tomatoes, black pudding, mushrooms, fried bread or toast…


Breakfast Burger
Breakfast Burger