This Morning and the Eating Challenge

This week the Wonder Cafe went national.

The Wonder Cafe challenge was on ITV’s This Morning and we reasoned that when Philip Schofield and Amanda Holden are talking about your fry-up on national TV, you have made it. That said, we were expecting a little more air time, not least because we thought that the challenger, Emma Dalton, had 45 minutes to complete it. We figured that we’d have at least that time to get our name out there…but no such luck.

This INCREDIBLE challenge eater, finished the Wonder Cafe challenge in 21 minutes and 34 seconds. Considering that no one else has even come close to finishing in double the time this was an incredible feat and we were aghast at her food vaccuming skills. She even text us afterwards to say how much she had enjoyed it and that she was having some chocolate as she messaged. The lovely Emma even thanked us for the food!

So, although our eating challenge fame lasted only a few minutes, we are delighted to have been on the show. And we really are amazed at Emma’s skills. If we ever have a few minutes of fame again we hope that the crew will come down the the cafe and actually see where the magic happens!

Check out the programme here.